Create Your Own Private Label CBD Brand with L7 Hemp

At L7 Hemp, we can provide your company with a complete CBD product line. This includes product formulations, third-party testing, and professionally designed and printed labels and product packaging.

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Why Choose L7 Hemp CBD Products?

From seed propagation to harvesting, processing, and packaging, we have control over every aspect of your product line. Contact Us →

Your White Label CBD Products

How to Start Your Premium Brand of CBD Products...

Are you ready to get into the profitable CBD industry? At L7 Hemp, we provide your company with a complete product line under our signature White Label CBD Products Services. This can include custom CBD product formulations, professionally designed and printed labels, product packaging, and consulting. We are a vertically integrated company, so you will be able to visit and physically see our operations during the process. Our formulators use only high-quality ingredients and oil combinations that achieve a higher standard in the CBD isolate industry. Every formulation is researched, tested, and backed by third-party testing. You will be able to stand by your product proudly and get results. Available products include CBD Lip Balm, CBD Cream, CBD Salve, CBD Oil, CBD Bath Bomb and more.

As an L7 client, L7 Hemp doesn’t just sell you a product and forget about your company. We aim to invest the necessary time, effort and top-quality work to earn your company’s utmost trust and satisfaction. We stay with you, or your company, from start to finish and beyond. Get started today.

  • Contact Hemp L7 to begin the process. Review white label product information
  • Work with our experienced CBD hemp experts to determine your labeling needs
  • Choose your preferred label design and artwork with company logo & colors
  • Place an order, review our work, approve and we'll mail you the new labels

Let Hemp L7 create the perfect White Label CBD Product to suit your brand’s needs.

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