L7 Hemp Farm & Greenhouses

We are a full service hemp processing company based out of Northeastern Colorado. Our hemp is sun-grown and raised in a greenhouse. We use a drip water system in the field, which uses less water and decreases evaporation. Our fields provide many local jobs in the farming industry year-round. In 2019 we established several buildings including, two labs, a manufacturing facility and more.

We also custom harvested 4000+ acres across the U.S. In short, we take hemp flower biomass and refine it into crude oil, distillate, and finally cbd isolate. We regularly handle thousands of pounds of raw materials. We have the facilities and capacity to handle large orders.

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L7 Hemp is much larger than most Colorado Hemp Farms. We are a part of every step of hemp business. We grow, dry, extract, and refine. We handle our products from start to finish. Our 3rd party testing is the only “outside” piece to the puzzle.

Facilities Details:

  • 1,000 acre hemp farm
  • Multiple custom drying facilities
  • Custom processing equipment

  • 2 extraction/crude facilities
  • 2 refinement labs
  • 3rd party testing

Consumers today are willing to pay top dollar for the best hemp/CBD brands. Contact L7 Hemp for more information about our farm and custom farm services.

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