L7 Hemp Agricultural Services

L7 Hemp is where to go for all of your hemp agricultural needs and services. From affordable and premium custom farm services to outstanding L7 farm facilities, L7 Hemp is your one-stop-and-shop destination for hemp-related agricultural needs. We take customers from seed to harvest, through the drying process and prepare hemp materials/products for storage. Take time to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly staff able and ready to assist you in finding and choosing the exact hemp agricultural services to best meet your personal or company needs. L7 also offers expert hemp consultation services as well.

Custom Farm Services

L7 Hemp is different than the rest. As a fully integrated company, we have the ability to reach out beyond our own farming related practice to help others within the CBD/Hemp Industry grow. L7 Hemp…

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L7 Farms

We are a full service hemp processing company based out of Northeastern Colorado. Our hemp is sun-grown and raised in a greenhouse. We use a drip water system in the field, which uses less water and…

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