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High-Quality Hemp Processing to Distillate & Isolate

As a full-service, Colorado based, hemp processing company, we offer large facilities that are able to handle bigger hemp processing loads. We can easily take a few thousand pounds of hemp biomass and put it through our proven process to create top-quality crude CBD oil. In addition to crude CBD oil, we can also provide high-grade CBD post-processing services. Our experienced team will transform your crop’s raw hemp material into fully compliant CBD Distillate or CBD Isolate that meets current CBD industry quality, purity and safety certification standards.

Our cutting-edge hemp processing facilities are prepared for helping our loyal customers through the whole extraction, processing and post processing experience. We take hemp biomass and skillfully refine it to make the highest grade crude oil, distillate and finally CBD isolate. Contact L7 Hemp for more information.

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Customers like that they can simply transform their hemp biomass into an easy-to-work-with liquid product. This allows hemp farmers to quickly acquire a product that is already TCH controlled for sales to thriving CBD product companies popping up all across the country. Contact us for more information or to receive your custom CBD post processing quote.

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L7 Hemp also offers careful CBD isolate processing to get the purest form of CBD post processing available. The end product is a high-grade isolate that is currently in high demand on the open markets. CBD isolate is usually the core ingredient of the vast majority of CBD infused products available these days. Contact us for CBD isolate processing or bulk isolate purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our quality control team takes great pride in partnering with Botanacor, located in Denver, Colorado. We third-party test all bulk ingredients for purity, residual solvents, microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides.

No, processing is dependent on the profile of the plant material. L7 Hemp facilities have three refining processes including CO2 Extraction, Ethanol Extraction, and Hydrocarbon Extraction. Learn more about CBD Crude Oil here.

All biomass has a unique processing profile. Please contact L7 Hemp for a custom quote and timeline.