BioMass Processing Services

BioMass Purchasing

We purchase high-quality hemp biomass from certified hemp farmers across the nation.

BioMass Processing

Large-scale, state-of-the-art facilities for advanced biomass processing.

BioMass Testing

We employ 3rd-party quality assurance testing and intensive quality control procedures.

Wholesale BioMass

We buy and sell organic, wholesale biomass at competitive prices with no hidden fees.

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Do You Have Hemp BioMass for Sale? Work with Us!

Our Biomass is grown with organic practices in mind, harvested, and low-temp dried from hemp fields located in Sterling, CO. Every harvest of our CBD biomass varies in potency, but averages around 3% – 12%+ CBD, and is consistently testing at no more than 0.3% THC to remain compliant. We have the capabilities to receive customer’s biomass and extract it into crude oil. We have 2 facilities. We do custom harvesting across the U.S.

L7 Hemp works with farmers, either purchasing their biomass or extracting their biomass for Crude, Distillate, Isolate, or White Label Products. Hemp biomass is the dried plant material that is used for refined hemp products like popular CBD oil products, hemp plastics, construction materials plus beauty and wellness products. Hemp biomass containing high levels of CBD can be manufactured into CBD distillate and CBD isolate. Refined hemp oil is used in some food products.

We use only the highest-quality biomass processing process to carefully draw out and refine hemp properties. Only state-of-the-art refining equipment is used to ensure best end results.

What Makes L7 Hemp Different?

Time is of the essence with biomass. It needs to be cut proficiently and quickly. We have trained professionals and several different types of combines/machinery to process it faster. We have custom combines altered specifically for hemp processing. Biomass is taken to low-temp drying floors and tracked.

What is Hemp BioMass?

CBD hemp extracts are highest within the flowers, but some can still be extracted from better grade hemp plant biomass. Hemp biomass refers to the hemp stalks, leaves and seeds following extraction.

CBD Extraction Services

CBD extraction requires a clean and high-tech extraction process. For higher grades, CO2 extraction equipment and food-grade level ethanol are the preferred choices. All CBD extraction processes must meet strict quality-assurance testing and purity quality control measures.

Get a Custom Quote for BioMass Processing

L7 Hemp provides custom wholesale Colorado hemp BioMass processing services for your farm or business. Many CBD manufacturers around the United States rely on our top-grade hemp biomass products and services. Whether you’re looking to process BioMass material or purchase BioMass material, at nearly any volume, contact the experts at L7 Hemp. We are here to help!